Mr Jagdeep Singh
Mr. Jagdeep Singh, Advisor, (MD at PCHPL)
MR Supreet Singh - Director of Psychocare Health Pvt. Ltd.
Mr Supreet Singh, Founder, (Director at PCHPL)
Mr Hardeep Kukreja
Mr Hardeep Kukreja, Founder
Mr Inderpreet Singh
Mr. Inderpreet Kukreja, Partner
Adv. Ekant Agarwal, Mentor, (Founder and CEO Ekant Associates)
Adv. Ekant Agarwal, Mentor, (Founder and CEO Ekant Associates)

Welcome to Sehatokart. At Sehatokart our focus is on providing you with the best in class products and ensuring that our product ingredients go through several tests before getting approved for usage. Our experienced and well-equipped quality analysts leave no stones unturned when it comes to choosing the right ingredients for you. Our futuristic facility ensures that no impurities are able to make their way to our products. Thanks to our super innovative leadership and professionals, Our products are always easy on your pocket too.

How it all Started

When two professionals joined hands under the able guidance of Mr. Jagdeep Singh, with over 25 years of marketing experience in the pharma industry, the magic unfolded and the idea of Sehatokart was born.

It was the people’s suffering during the Covid-19 crises that inspired Mr. Supreet Singh, a well established, award-winning successful entrepreneur with more than 9+ years of experience, heading a team of 100+ pharma professionals, and Mr. Hardeep Kukreja, a celebrated IT professional and QA expert, who inherited ayurvedic secrets from his great Grandfather and hails from a beautiful State in the Mystic Himalayas, to serve the society through Sehatokart. Inspired by the dedication of the two, Mr. Inderpreet Kukreja decided to contribute to the initiative by joining as a partner. Mr. Inderpreet, too inherits Ayurvedic knowledge and has been running a successful Hair and Skin clinic for the last many years.

As they started working on Sehatokart and the idea started to take shape, more and more inspirations kept pouring in and Sehatokart kept evolving. As the idea was shared with their families and friends, Sehatokart kept getting stronger and finally the able guidance and expert mentorship of Advocate Ekant Agarwal, Founder, and CEO of Ekant Associates, Sehatokart is now ready to serve people who wish to live a healthier and empowered life.

Sehatokart not only ensures the best in class products but offers very user-friendly customer support as well.

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Sehatokart ventures Pvt. Ltd.

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