Stone Gone – An Ayurvedic medicine for Kidney Stone

Highly effective in Kidney stone complications


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  • Highly effective in Kidney stone complications
  • Experience considerable relief within 30 days of regular use.

Stone Gone is an Herbal Ayurvedic medicine. It’s highly effective in kidney stone complications. Stone Gone ayurvedic medicine is a wonderful formulation, that is very effective to remove kidney stones.

Stone Gone Ayurvedic properties are also very effective in burning micturition, unitary tract calculi, and infection.

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Each Capsule Contains:-

  1. Choti Elaichi –It Helps To Eliminate Waste Through The Kidney And Act As A Diuretic. It Combats Infections And Helps To Cleanse The Urinary Tract, Bladder, And Urethra By Removing The Accumulated Calcium, Urea Along With The Toxins
  2. Apamarg – It Is An Excellent Diuretic That Helps To Breakdown And Eliminates Renal And Urinary Bladder Stones
  3. Varun Chhal – Helps To Break Down Kidney Stone And Reduce Stone Size Because Of Its Penetration Property. It Also Helps To Expel It Out Because Of Its Diuretic Nature.
  4. Kutki – It Reduces Kidney Stones And Also Also Has Carminative And Digestive Properties, Helps To Reduce  Flatulence, Bloating, Constipation, And Abdominal Distension.
  5. Gokhru – Reduces The Risk Of Kidney Stones Due To Its Diuretic Property Which Increases The Urine Output And Helps Flush The Toxins From The Urinary Tract And Kidneys.
  6. Punar Nava – It Has Diuretic And Anti-Inflammatory Properties Which Is Useful In Reducing The Risk Of Inflammatory Kidney Diseases
  7. Sendhanamak – It  Also Plays A Vital Role In Removing Kidney Stones.
  8. Dhaniya – Coriander Seeds Are Effective For Treating Urinary Tract InfectionsAs They Improve The Filtration Rate Of Kidneys Enabling Quicker Urine Generation. It Leads To Lower Water Retention In The Body And Allows It To Flush Out Toxins And Microbes.
  9. Yavakshara – Used For Treatment Of Kidney Stone, Kidney Pain, Painful Urination, Urinary Tract Infection And Other Kidney Problems.

Each Capsule contains:

  1. Chhoti Elaichi – 20mg
  2. Apamarg – 50mg
  3. Varun Chhal – 20mg
  4. Kutki – 40mg
  5. Gokhru – 40mg
  6. Punarnava – 20mg
  7. Sendha Namak – 50mg
  8. Dhania – 40mg
  9. Yavakshara – 70mg

Dosage: The recommended single dose is 2 capsules empty stomach in the morning with a glass of lime water for 30 days.

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    Good Product…Value for money👍👍

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